Fort Frances. Forward.

Why I'm Running

Young people, younger families, and entrepreneurs have a critical role to play in charting a course for our community’s future. I am putting my name on the ballot because people tell me that our council needs to be more reflective of – and responsive to – these groups. It’s time for a generational shift in the leadership of our district, and I hope that my candidacy will capture the confidence of local residents who are interested in the forward-thinking, inclusive approach I bring to some of the issues facing Fort Frances. I have experience from the public and private sector, and I have built positive relationships with the new Ontario government and area First Nations leaders. My goal is to use those ties to benefit our community, while working with the next council deliver accessible, transparent, strategic, and cost-effective municipal services.

On the Campaign Trail

Meet Doug

I am a lawyer based in Fort Frances. Most of my family lives and works in the Rainy River District – in farming, trucking, logging, construction, and healthcare. They are business owners, tradespeople, professionals, and volunteers. Through them, from an early age, I learned about the importance of hard work and service. I began my own career as an aide on Parliament Hill, and later worked for the federal government. Since then, I have had the opportunity to teach undergraduate students and practice law with one of Canada’s top firms. I currently work in economic development for Grand Council Treaty 3, which is a government entity for the 28 First Nations in our region. In everything I do, I am proud to be an ambassador for our community, its peoples, and their values.

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